Subic Beach Photo Diary

With the chinky-eyed couz. Sunnies from @sunniessideupmnl on Instagram.

I don't know if my brother likes this photo or if he would allow me to post this here but I like it because I took it and it's cute so whatever. (lol)

Before we go to the beach, we stopped by at Juag lagoon.

Too bad we weren't allowed to join the fishes anymore, but it's okay. As long as not a single fish would die because of a person's skin applied by a lotion of sun block. *imaginarily talks to them* (fishes: thank you trishy! me: you're welcome fishy!)

Mom with her sisters, and her bag full of printed cover-ups. (lol hi mommy if ever you're reading hehe)

The water was so clear! To be honest, it's like you're in a swimming pool. And the sand has those pink dots. More of those pinkish particles please!

Slippers got ripped by mi dawg.

Shells picked by my brother.

Before we go, Island hopping!


Trash talk

It's been a long time since my friend slash twin and I planned for a shoot and finally able to have the time! Also for the confidence to wear an unusual outfit, lol. I rode the jeepney wearing this on my way to our shooting location... But hey, no regrets! I had a great time with Patty, Angelika, Hannah and Kyla. And besides, "you only live once" (I know, #oldschool).

Taking a break from all the fierce blogger pose I've been doing in front of the camera. How about this? Care for some peace?

The reason behind my title for this post is that I'm actually sitting on a garbage cabinet (?) Hehe

Kyla (left) and Hannah (right)

Top from B&W, Skirt from Genki, Socks from Stocqueens, Creepers from Vanilla Pop, Bag from Esprit

Photos were (either) taken by Patty, Angelika, Hannah and Kyla

PS: Thank you so much Patty and Angelika for joining us! I had fun and I love how the photos turned out. *virtual hugs and kisses from me to you*


Graduation Wishlist

This was supposed to be posted a week before my graduation but let's just assume that I've posted this earlier *wink*

So a few updates about my life lately, I FINALLY GRADUATED!! (March 21, 2015) And man, I think I will forever be an awkward type of person.. So moving on, here's my graduation wishlist.
  1. iPhone 6 Gold - My passion lies from this device!
  2. Macbook Air - My cousin suggested that this would  help me a lot in college especially for my type of course.
  3. Canon EOS M - Owning this baby would be hassle free for me! My family already owns a dslr cam but I would prefer this one since it's light and almost the same as the dslr.