Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Graduation Wishlist

This was supposed to be posted a week before my graduation but let's just assume that I've posted this earlier *wink*

So a few updates about my life lately, I FINALLY GRADUATED!! (March 21, 2015) And man, I think I will forever be an awkward type of person.. So moving on, here's my graduation wishlist.
  1. iPhone 6 Gold - My passion lies from this device!
  2. Macbook Air - My cousin suggested that this would  help me a lot in college especially for my type of course.
  3. Canon EOS M - Owning this baby would be hassle free for me! My family already owns a dslr cam but I would prefer this one since it's light and almost the same as the dslr.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seniors' Night: Our timeless story

You don't know how much I've been dying to update my blog for the past few months and here I am finally able to blog about something!

Guess who's gown is this inspired of? Janella Salvador!! She wore her's for the Star Magic Ball and I swear I fell inlove when I saw her. Because of my ultimate love for her, I decided to wear a Janella-inspired gown.

One of my unbelievable realizations on my fourth year of high school is that I started appreciating make-up, nail polish and high heels. Wow. I'm getting extra girly.. and this means more expenses.

I don't really dance but some of the guys asked me to and refusing so is such a waste of my once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, plus.. it will not happen again so why the hell not?

Friday, October 31, 2014

Uptown girl

These photos were taken on our last day in Manila at Trinoma's parking lot. Mom opted for us to have a quick shoot and I loved how the photos turned out!

My brother and I were walking with our backs and my cousin Ate Mikee took this photo without her expecting us to pose for the camera. And look how my brother poses, I'm so proud! It's what we've been recently doing in front of the mirror. (#bloggerpose!!)