Plaid & Rugged

I'm currently speding my vacation here in Manila and blogging about this post at our condo unit in Quezon City excites me. Oh how I missed staying here!

Alyssa Diaries x Lime & Life x Patricia the Panda Giveaway

Hello everyone! First of all, I finally decided to have my own domain after almost 2 years of blogging. Yay!

And to celebrate, here's another surprise and a site launch giveaway as well together with my co bloggers, Ate Alyssa of Alyssa Diaries and Ate Janine of Lime & Life. Click "Read more" to see prizes and to join under the cut.

Eatalia Pizza & Pasta

This happened last August 2014 on it's last week if I'm not mistaken and I'm just about to blog it now probably because I'm lazy to. Anyway, I've got nothing much to say about this post so I hope you'll just enjoy the photos. Haha!