Trash talk

It's been a long time since my friend slash twin and I planned for a shoot and finally able to have the time! Also for the confidence to wear an unusual outfit, lol. I rode the jeepney wearing this on my way to our shooting location... But hey, no regrets! I had a great time with Patty, Angelika, Hannah and Kyla. And besides, "you only live once" (I know, #oldschool).

Graduation Wishlist

This was supposed to be posted a week before my graduation but let's just assume that I've posted this earlier *wink*

So a few updates about my life lately, I FINALLY GRADUATED!! (March 21, 2015) And man, I think I will forever be an awkward type of person.. So moving on, here's my graduation wishlist.
  1. iPhone 6 Gold - My passion lies from this device!
  2. Macbook Air - My cousin suggested that this would  help me a lot in college especially for my type of course.
  3. Canon EOS M - Owning this baby would be hassle free for me! My family already owns a dslr cam but I would prefer this one since it's light and almost the same as the dslr.

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